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The EVAC+CHAIR® 600H is a dual-position emergency evacuation wheelchair that permits the safe egress of mobility impaired persons from a building in the event of an emergency or evacuation. Designed to provide smooth and safe ascent and descent, the EVAC+CHAIR® 600H model incorporates 2 carry-handles that allow for two-person operation for locations with difficult access. No matter if you need upward or downward evacuation assistance, this high-performance emergency evacuation wheelchair can perform both with ease. Built to last, this chair even comes with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, you can have full confidence that our products will exceed your expectations in any rescue situation.
  • Accessories
    • EVAC+CHAIR Comfy Seat - Seat Cushion   $257.00

      Comfy Seat
    • EVAC+CHAIR Patient Carrier Seat   $257.00

      Patient Carrier Seat
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