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Spaloo Classic II Bidet Toilet Seat

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You often hear of how popular bidets are in other countries, but just because something is popular in another country doesn't mean it's better. Therefore, we ask you to think about how you currently use your toilet (we know this isn't comfortable to do!) and decide which is better: taking toilet paper in your hand and using to it clean yourself or letting a stream of water and an air dryer do it for you and keeping your hands clear of the entire operation?

If you decided that water is the cleaner choice, then why not choose a bidet seat attachment for your toilet at home? This Spaloo Classic II Bidet Toilet Seat is a great choice because it simply replaces the seat on your exiting toilet. Just plug it into the GFI outlet in your bathroom and you'll have access to all these features and more:
  • A heated water wash cycle with a dryer - No more toilet paper!
  • A heated seat - Wonderful in the winter!
  • A deodorizer
  • Automatic and manual nozzle washing
  • A soft closing seat
  • Water pressure, position, and temperature controls

Of course the Spaloo Classic II Bidet can be a tremendous quality of life improvement for you if have an ailment such as paralysis, arthritis, MS, Crohn's Diseases, or obestity. If you can't handle toilet paper, the Spaloo is the answer. If you can't reach certain areas, the Spaloo is the answer. If you get irritated from toilet using paper, the Spaloo is the answer. It helps people remain independent in the bathroom and can be a tremendous resource for caregivers.

Finally, with a Spaloo Classic II Bidet in your home, you may be able to stop buying toilet paper altogether which saves money in addition to being a benefit where low-flow toilers and septic tanks are present.
Heated Wash WaterYes
Adjustable Water TemperatureYes
Adjustable Water PressureYes
Adjustable Nozzle PositionYes
Heated SeatYes
Adjustable Seat TemperatureYes
Remote ControlNo
Power Save ModeYes
Cleaning ModesAutomatic, Manual
Weight Capacity300 lb
Power Cord Length4'
Water SourceDirect Connection to Water Line
Warranty1 Year Parts & Labor
Shipping Info
Shipping Weight
Shipping Length
Shipping Width
Shipping Height
  • Seat Shape

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      Elongated, 18.5"
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      Round, 16.5"
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