Tumbleforms Carrie Seat, X-Large (Small Adult) W/Tray And Footrest


model: FAB30-3313

Tumbleforms Carrie Seat, X-Large (Small Adult) W/Tray And Footrest
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Seat, adjustable footrest and adjustable tray.

Tray provides a surface for feeding and other activities.

Footrest adjusts to maintain hip, knee and ankle flexion and to position child for optimum comfort.

X-large (small adult) 72"H / 16" hip

Shipping Info
Shipping Weight 46.0 pounds
Shipping Length 22.0 inches
Shipping Width 37.0 inches
Shipping Height 23.0 inches
Product Reviews
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This seat is WONDERFUL.
Apr 20, 2011 1:48 AM
A Little About Myself
Mom of a special boy who is turning 20 next month.
Very lightweight but sturdy. Will hold up in an auto accident and keep you safe. My son and his dad were ran off the road by a semi truck who merged for traffic and ran my son and his father off the road. They rolled his truck several times and the Carrie seat held him in place alone with the Auto Seat Belt. I'm still using the seat, it only got a few small tears.
The Wheels on the base that transports the seat do not do well in Sand or mud. The chair fastens into the base for transporting the person easily but it does need a different type of wheels.
Service & Delivery
No service required. We have had all 4 sizes since 1993 and never had any issues when they have been delivered and not had to call for any service.
Best seat for positioning you can buy!!! You can travel on the plane, subway or auto with this seat and know you are safe. The largest one will accommodate most small to average adults. The foot rest keep your feet from dangling and slide in and out to several different positions.
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