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Handicare Independent Lifter

This product cannot be ordered online. Please call  (800) 790-4792 to order this product.

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*Non-Continental U.S. States & Territories - please call for shipping charges.
Handicare Independent Lifter
Certifications: If this product has one.
Can only be used with Handicare C-300 or C-450 lift units.
The Independent Lifter was designed to provide independence and freedom to various transfer situations. In combination with a Prism Medical ceiling lift, the Independent Lifter removes the need for a sling, and gives simplicity and accessibility for convenient application for situations including swimming pools, toilets, showers, and others. The Independent Lifter is perfect for homecare where simplicity, independence, and safety are needed.
Min Recommended Weight
95 lb
Max Recommended Weight
400 lb
Min Recommended Height
Max Recommended Height
  • Sizes
    • These will only work on Handicare C-300 or C-450 lift units   $0.00

    • Small - 4'-5'6", 95 lbs-150 lbs   $1,460.00

    • Medium - 5'-6', 125 lbs-250 lbs   $1,460.00

    • Large - 6'-7', 250 lbs-400 lbs   $1,460.00

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