Karman Store

U.S. Medical Supplies is an Authorized Provider of Karman Healthcare products. We have worked with Karman for several years now and are pleased to have received positive feedback from our customers about Karman's manual wheelchairs. From their unique Ergo line of lightweight wheelchairs to their Power Stand-Up wheelchairs, Karman offers wheelchair products from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

All Karman Healthcare products ship absolutely free!

Call 1-800-790-4792 with all your Karman product questions.


Manual Wheelchairs

Karman Lightweight Detachable Arm Wheelchair
Karman Standard Wheelchairs Starting @ $199.98
Karman Lightweight Wheelchairs Starting @ $359.00
Karman Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs Starting @ $359.00
Karman Heavy Duty Wheelchairs Starting @ $355.98
Karman Transport Wheelchairs Starting @ $349.00

Specialized Manual Wheelchairs

Karman Tilt-In-Space Folding Transport Chair
Karman Tilt Wheelchairs Starting @ $1,619.00
Karman Pediatric Wheelchairs Starting @ null
Karman Reclining Wheelchairs Starting @ $540.98
Karman Standing Wheelchairs Starting @ $6,500.00


Karman Extra Wide Rollator HD - Steel
Karman Rollators Starting @ null