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WeatherBreaker Canopies are well respected in the mobility industry because they do the job. Weather Breaker Canopies will protect you from sun and the rain. And because they fit onto such a wide variety of wheelchairs and scooters you will be able to take advantage of one.

The Max Protection model is like the vented model, but comes with a side plastic cover that drops over to protect you from wind-driven rain and other harsh conditions.
  • Attaches to your wheelchair or scooting using mounting poles
  • Canopy can be attached or removed easily from the mounting poles
  • Mesh sides and rear mesh window
  • Drop over side plastic enclosure for maximum protection from the elements
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Certified Customer
Weatherbreaker Conapy
May 12, 2011 8:30 AM

A Little About Myself

62 year-old man who does a lot of Internet buying.


It stops the rain coming through and that is all. It stands up good in the wind and will not come off.


When ordered they ask what kind of mobility scooter, but they make it for a wheelchair instead of your kind of scooter. They don't add the correct parts to the order. It's not made to cover the sides properly. If I had a choice I would have had a choice as to the the size I would have ordered the correct one instead of the company making the choice and sending the wrong one.

Service & Delivery

It was slow and they took too long for the order.
The canopy is made improper for the specific Mobility Scooter that it was made for. The company Should Study the kind of scooter and then make it correctly for that scooter. Not all scooters are the same size.
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