The modular ramp systems we offer are strong, durable, portable, flexible, and affordable. As such they are often the best solution for providing quality, functional wheelchair access to many homes and businesses. Our modular ramps consist of standard components that make assembly quick and simple. The modular components make it easy to move the ramp to a new location or change the configuration. Straight ramps, 90-degree turns, and 180-degree switch-backs are available and designed to meet ADA recommendations.


These all aluminum modular wheelchair ramps are ADA-compliant and can be used for both residential and commercial applications. Every residential modular ramp we sell is backed by a three-year limited warranty to protect you against structural defects, so you can buy from us with confidence in the quality, safety, and security of your investment. Commercial modular ramps carry a one-year limited warranty.


Because every modular ramp system is designed for a specific location, we do not accept online orders or display prices for these units. For pricing and customization, please call our modular ramp experts today at 1 (800) 790-5569.

  • Modular Rubber Threshold Ramp 1" - 4" Rise

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      Weight Capacity850 lb
    • EZ-Access Titan Solo Ramp and Platform System Kits 6' to 36'
      Made in the USA

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        Weight Capacity300 lb
        • The ramps, platforms, and steps feature extruded, welded tread for reinforced strength and permanent slip-resistance.
        • Corrosion-resistant aluminum allows years of maintenance-free use and is naturally non-combustible.
        • Universal components allow installation to be quick and easy. The system can be reconfigured or relocated as needed, and can accommodate virtually any layout or configuration.
        • To help eliminate costly delays, standard configurations ship within 24-hours.
        • The TITAN is made in the USA and has a three-year warranty.
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