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Nirvana Swing Recliners bring together a true swing motion mechanism with a luxury recliner package that is sure to be your become your favorite chair. But just how does it all work? Read on to find out what to expect should you become a Nirvana owner.

The Swing Mechanism

Nirvana Swing Recliners swing! This is unlike a glider or rocker which, although comfortable, use a motion that pitches you forward and backward. On the other hand, the Comfort Swing Mechanism found in every Nirvana recliner moves along the path of an arc and reminds your body of the safe feeling of being rocked to sleep in your mother's arms. It features 20" of gentle movement that is sure to relax you.

The Comfort Swing Mechanism is a patented design of the founder of the Nirvana Swing Company. It uses cold-rolled steel and precision ABEC industrial bearings that will provide you with a lifetime of swing enjoyment.

To start swinging, first recline the chair and then use the handles located on either side, inside the armrests. Thanks to the precision bearings your motion is silent, smooth, and requires little effort to maintain.

The Recline Mechanism

Of course the Nirvana is also a recliner. While the Nirvana is in the upright position it will not swing, enabling you to safely enter and exit the chair. Just push back against the armrests and the Nirvana will recline thanks to its pressback recline mechanism. In the reclined position you can use the handles located inside the armrests to start moving as mentioned above.

To get out of the chair, let the motion come to an end or use the handles to stop. Next, lean forward and push down with our feet to bring the recliner upright. Once upright, allow the chair to come forward until it locks and then you can easily stand up.

Chair Construction

Like the Comfort Swing Mechanism, Nirvana Swing Recliners themselves are built to very strict quality standards. Leather models use 100% leather throughout. This leather is selected from the finest quality top grain hides and is dyed using semi-aniline technology. The frame is hand-built and all wood and the suspension is constructed from unidirectional webbing that offers long life and resiliency. Northern birch decorative leg covers and an adjustable headrest pillow are also included.


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