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Improve your athletic performance with a massage chair!Whether you're a weekend warrior, a professional athlete or somewhere in–between, you know how important it is to keep your body in tip-top condition. Everybody knows athletes require fuel like vitamins, minerals and nutrients, but bodies also require manipulation before and after exercise. To that end, pros and amateurs alike are using massage chairs.

Whether you're spending long hours training in the gym, running cross-country courses, playing football or boxing, your muscles need to be healthy to grow. They need a ready supply of oxygen and a good support system of ligaments and tendons. If you've ever watched the Tour de France, you've probably noticed that the riders travel with a personal masseuse. Football players and baseball stars go to the massage table or to the whirlpool for its massaging effects after competition or training. They know the muscles need to be kneaded to break down the build-up of lactic acid that occurs when they exercise.

Injured athletes can benefit from a massage chair even more than healthy people. The gentle stimulation keeps their muscles supple and encourages their rehabilitation. It vibrates the tendons and ligaments and keeps them loose and flexible. By keeping the soft tissue healthy while your muscles heal, recovery time is shortened considerably. A massage chair can minimize the effects of atrophy during the healing period.

To really reap the benefits of massage, it has to be a regular part of your routine. Taking a weekly whirlpool or having your spouse rub your back isn’t enough. Unless you have a personal masseuse, a massage chair is the next best thing. You can get regular relief in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Flexibility is important when competing. Sports require instant reactions to unforeseen events. If your body is flexible, it can bend and bow with the game. A limber body is a great deterrent to injury. Massages also help flush toxins from your body by shaking them out of your muscles, soft tissue and cells.

Massage chairs have various treatment options. Some have settings for sports massage, acupressure, reflexology, Swedish massage, deep tissue or shiatsu massage. You can target specific areas or enjoy a full massage. Since they’re meant for relaxation, many models have built-in MP3 players. You can put on your headphones and listen to music while kicking back and enjoying the treatment. Some massage chairs even have built-in heaters to treat swelling.

You can also use your massage chair before competition to get ready for action. A massage increases blood flow, warms the muscles and relaxes your body. It also focuses your mind and prepares you for competition. As the massage chair vibrates, you’ll feel the tension draining from your body. When you compete, you’ll feel like you’ve already primed your muscles. You'll be at peak performance from the start.

A massage chair is also a great way to wind down at the end of the day. Twenty minutes of deep massage will have you ready for a night of restful sleep. Rest is also a critical component for athletes to perform at their best. If you suffer from insomnia, a massage chair can be just what you need to get relief.

In such a competitive world, it's nice to get any advantage possible. A massage chair may be just the edge you need.


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