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Cutting corners on a budget for a massage chair could result in some severe disappointment. Buy smart, not cheap!Consumers who want to purchase a massage chair may be tempted to choose the cheapest option available. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of truth to the old maxim that “you get what you pay for.” Shoppers who want a long lasting, high quality chair should avoid the cheapest models on the market. All too often, cheap massage chairs come with a host of manufacturing flaws that will cause them to malfunction or break down early. In the long run, a premium-quality massage chair is almost always a better investment.

The manufacturers of cheap massage chairs often slash their prices by reducing the quality of their products. Although their chairs might look identical to more expensive models to a casual viewer, these products are often shoddily assembled from poor materials. Manufacturers cut costs by making important components out of plastic rather than metal, installing cheap motors and using fragile drive belts instead of long-lasting gears. In some cases, cheap chair manufacturers will even make vital components like roller arms out of brittle plastic. These parts may function decently at first, but over time they will wear out and break. A high-quality chair may seem more expensive, but it is far more likely to require fewer repairs over its lifetime.

Countless customers who buy cheap chairs find that ordering a replacement for a broken component is extremely difficult. Many companies that import chairs from overseas may not be able to locate a replacement part. Even if parts are available, some cut-rate companies choose not to honor their warranties. Consumers who purchase a high-quality chair from a trusted brand will always be able to order the parts they need to fix an old chair.

Cheap chairs usually offer a lower quality massage. The bargain bin components of these chairs can malfunction over time, creating a massage that is too rough to be relaxing. These chairs also make loud whirring and clunking noises as their parts break down; this sound is anything but soothing. Premium-quality chairs are designed to provide the same comforting massage for years.

For massage aficionados, higher-quality chairs come with more settings. A cheap chair may not have machinery that is complex enough to handle a variety of massage styles. The best chairs come with sophisticated control panels that make it easy to adjust the speed, location and intensity of a massage. A chair without these settings may deliver a massage that is uncomfortably intense or too light to be effective. If these low-quality chairs do come with a temperature option, they may be prone to overheating. These cheap chairs usually cannot be adjusted for a variety of body types; users may not be able to recalibrate their minimal machinery to different heights.

The best massage chairs on the market are well worth their prices. With a top-quality chair, users can get the massage they want without compromising on the durability or adjustability of their machines. Buying a cheap chair is a classic example of false economy; in the long run, a premium-quality chair will cost its buyer less in repairs and replacements. There is no need to buy a poorly constructed massage chair when there are so many companies producing top-quality products.


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