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July 5, 2009 -- USM, an online supplier of discount mobility and medical products, has strategically reconfigured its selection of bath lifts in order to better serve their customers. Their online store at now offers more bath lift products, more brands to choose from, more variety in the different types of bath lifts, lower prices, and a dedicated phone number for customers to call for more information about the bath lift they are interested in.

Bath lifts are mobility devices used to help a person into and out of a bathtub. Millions of senior citizens and others with physical disabilities rely on them on a daily basis in order to maintain privacy and independence in the bathroom. USM is a leading supplier of low cost, high-quality bath lifts.

By offering a greater selection and a wider variety, USM hopes to better accommodate their customers. One of the new bath lift products available, the Bellavita Bath Lift, features the same robust lifting capacity as most bath lifts; but in a more slim, lightweight frame. Another new bath lift, the Comfort Bather Air Powered Bath Lift, uses an air-cushion seat and uses air pressure instead of battery power as its lifting mechanism. USM has made these products available at in order to give their customers a better selection while guaranteeing the best price, regardless of which product they choose.

Several of USM bath lifts have had price reductions, as well. The AmeriGlide Premium Bath Lift, one of the best-selling products at, has been reduced by $120. USM bath lifts start at $499. Also, bath lift accessories from USM are now 20% less expensive, on average.

USM goal is to provide their customers the best possible online shopping experience as well as the best price. All of the bath lifts available at USM online store are easily installed with no need for drilling or additional tools. USM has opened a dedicated phone line operated by support specialists who are able to answer all questions regarding setup and usage of bath lifts. Tim Ziehwein, USM VP of Sales, said: "Bath lifts are simple, straightforward, and easy to use. All the same, we want to be there for our customers for every step in the process - from making the decision to receiving the bath lift and setting it up properly."

USM is a leading supplier of mobility products such as bath lifts, stair lifts, and walk-in bathtubs. Their new selection of bath lifts offers customers a wide variety, low prices, and helpful support specialists on call to provide information and assist customers in the process.



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