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Daily stress can lower your immune functions and increase muscle stiffness. A shiatsu massage chair can help.

It does not take much to cause stress to build up in a person's body throughout a typical day. Everything from getting stuck in a traffic jam to writing a report at a moment's notice for the boss can lead to headaches, muscle tension and a host of other physical problems developing as a reaction to the stressful situation. Spending time in a Shiatsu massage chair is a perfect way to make all that stress and tension melt away like butter.

A Shiatsu massage chair is good stress therapy because it attacks the muscles and pressure points where the tension builds up and relaxes them. This is done with the aid of nodes and rollers beneath the chair fabric that are designed to simulate fingers and hands. Nodes and rollers work on the muscles, rolling them and kneading them like bread dough.

Nodes and rollers vary in size and shape based on which type of massage chair you use. Chairs that contain larger nodes and rollers are effective for doing a general area massage on your neck and back. When the nodes and rollers are a smaller size, it lets the chair create pinpoint massages that target specific problem areas of the neck and back.

Many massage chair models also release heat onto the massage surface area and warm the muscles at the same time the nodes and rollers relieving muscle tightness. This is a critical part of relaxing tensed up muscles because muscles in the human body are naturally tighter and accumulate a greater degree of tension when exposed to colder temperatures.

Many massage chairs sold in stores simulate a combination of techniques drawn from Shiatsu massages and Swedish massages. A Shiatsu massage chair is designed to eliminating tension in specific parts of the body. It uses pressing, sweeping, patting, rolling, and rotating motions to achieve this goal. A Swedish massage is aimed at improving circulation throughout the body. It employs long gliding strokes and kneading motions to meet this goal.

Several direct physical benefits come from using a massage chair in addition to simple stress reduction and muscle relaxation. These benefits include a better range of motion, increased energy, reduced muscle and joint pain, better blood circulation throughout the body and improved flexibility in all of the muscles and joints.

An accumulation of stress without a method for releasing it can cause injuries, sickness or long-term physical ailments. Stress puts undue pressure on the body and can actually lower a person's immune system leading them at a greater risk for catching the latest cold or flu bug going around the neighborhood. Stress can also cause muscles and joints to become stiff brittle. This increases the risk of serious injuries occurring during periods of physical activity or labor.

Massage therapy only brings lasting benefits when it is done regularly. A Shiatsu massage chair is a great method of enjoying the therapeutic benefits of massage in the comfort of your own home. It means improved physical and mental health and that leads to a better quality of life.


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