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We are pleased to offer what we consider to be the best value in dumbwaiters today. Unlike other dumbwaiters, the AmeriGlide Express Dumbwaiter uses a special drive train and track system that makes it easier to install compared to the competitor's units and makes it economical to own with virtually no maintenance required. This configuration has been proven in thousands of installations and is extremely reliable. This is why it's backed with a warranty of 5 years on the drive train and 2 years on parts.

Most other dumbwaiters are built like mini-elevators with complex pulley systems, guide rails, and traveling control cables. The AmeriGlide Express comes from the factory with the entire drive system pre-installed on the underside of the car, and the car chassis/trolley system pre-installed on a section of the track. Most of the installation entails just connecting sections of track, securing the drive cable to the header, and routing the wires to the control buttons and door interlocks. In many cases, a full day of installation time can be cut from the process.

We have knowledgeable dumbwaiter experts available to help guide you through the shaft preparation process and design a dumbwaiter car that suits your application. Please give us a call for more information.

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    • 20" wide x 20" deep x 30" high standard car
      (custom sizes available up to 30" x 30" x 36")
    • Durable ivory powder coated steel panel walls and doors - stainless steel available
    • Automatic, low voltage control switches
    • Plug-in temporary bypass control to facilitate installation and maintenance