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AmeriGlide AC and DC stair lifts are cable-driven. This means that the up and down motion of the stair lift is controlled by a metal cable that winds around the motor's drive unit. The cable itself never moves so the cable doesn't need to be lubricated and won't wear on itself. This design also allows AmeriGlide AC and DC stair lifts to run quietly.

AmeriGlide AC and DC cable-drive features:
  1. Drive train without oil or vent plug: The gearbox is sealed and is filled with grease instead of traditional gear oil. This eliminates leaking or spillage. In addition, the winding gear is one of the largest in use and is made of lightweight casted aluminum.
  2. Quiet drive system: A belt is used between the motor and winding gear instead of a direct connection. This eliminates noise and simplifies serviceability.
  3. Efficient motor: A dual capacitor system allows the instant reversing motor (1/3 hp, 110vac) to use only 3 wires and runs at 6 amps at full load. A dedicated outlet is not necessary.
  4. High-strength cable: The cable is 3/16" diameter and has a breaking strength of 4200 lbs. The cable wraps on an aluminum cast drum, grooved for each wrap. This eliminates noise and problems caused by stack winding issues. The cable system is direct drive, meaning there are no pulleys and the cable does not move.

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