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The Axis III Tailgater Truck Lift is a strong and highly adjustable wheelchair lift that comes with an extended boom arm that is long enough to extend beyond an open tailgate. With this versatile model you can load and unload your mobility scooter or wheelchair either directly behind your truck or to the side. The boom arm and motorized rotation provide plenty of clearance, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your truck. In addition, the Axis II comes with a 400 pound weight capacity and water resistance design that will help ensure that your lift lasts for years to come.

Call today to order your and start enjoying greater mobility and accessibility!

All Pick-up Trucks
Mobility Devices
All Power Scooters and Chairs up to 400 lbs.
Adjustable Boom Height Min
Adjustable Boom Height Max
Adjustable Boom Length Min
Adjustable Boom Length Max
Lifting Weight Capacity
400 lb
Installed Weight
81 lb
Docking Device
  • Options
    • Battery Pack   $385.75

    • Wireless Remote   $307.00

  • Docking Devices
    • Free Docking Device   $0.00

    • Call For Additional Docking Devices   $0.00

  • Please tell us about your vehicle
    • Vehicle Make   $0.00

    • Vehicle Model   $0.00

    • Vehicle Year   $0.00

  • Please tell us about your power chair or scooter
    • Power Chair or Scooter Make   $0.00

    • Power Chair or Scooter Model   $0.00

  • Warranty
    • Transferable Limited 3 Year Warranty   $0.00

  • Delivery
    • Liftgate Delivery (if not to a commercial location with a loading dock)   $125.00

    • Free Shipping!   $0.00

  • Installation
    • Nationwide Installation   $500.00

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