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Pride Jazzy Evo 613

FDA Class II medical device*

Pride Jazzy Evo 613
  • Features Detailed
  • Close Up of Sections of Power Chair
  • Enhanced Features Provided by Lithium Battery Option
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*Non-Continental U.S. States & Territories
- please call for shipping charges.
Not available in the state of Florida.
The Jazzy EVO 613 and Jazzy EVO 613Li measure in at an impressive 22 inches wide at the base and offer a 22-inch turning radius. Not only is it one of the most powerful power wheelchairs on the market, but it's also one of the narrowest and most maneuverable.

The Jazzy EVO 613 series gives you all the best that Pride has to offer with patented Active-Trac Suspension and exclusive Mid-Wheel 6 Technology that provide you with a smoother, stable ride.

And it does all that while pushing the limits of mileage and speed capabilities. A single charge can carry you up to 21 miles with the lithium battery, and top speeds up to 5.1 mph.

The Jazzy EVO 613 series of power wheelchairs with lithium batteries represent a philosophy shared at Pride Mobility: "If you're not constantly improving, ever innovating, and pushing boundaries, you might as well fall behind."

If you select the Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery option you will get:
  • Faster charging time
  • Sustained power performance
  • Lighter weight
  • More useable energy
  • Longer life
(Note: the Lithium Battery is not airline-compliant)
*Pride® FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments
Weight Capacity
300 lb
Overall Length
Overall Width
14 mi
Top Speed
5.1 mph
Turning Radius
Ground Clearance
Weight, Total
189 lb
Weight, Batteries
47 lb
Minimum Seat Height
Maximum Seat Height
Drive Wheels
13" Solid
Caster Wheels
Charger Type
3.5AH Off-Board
Battery Type
2xU1 or 1xLithium Iron Phosphate


Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead components, which is [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit
  • Color (all are matte colors)
  • Batteries
    • U-1 AGM Batteries (set of 2)   $0.00

    • Lithium Iron Phosphate (not airline compliant)   $440.00

    • Choosing the Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery will also choose the appropriate other accessories required for the battery.   $0.00

  • Joystick Mount (In-line Supplied with Chair)
    • Swing-away Mount, Left   $245.00

    • Swing-away Mount, Right   $245.00

  • Seating
    • Captain Seat, Depth-Adjustable, Memory Seat, Limited Recline, High Back   $0.00

    • 16″W×16″–18″D   $0.00

    • 18″W×18″–20″D   $0.00

    • 20″W×18″–20″D   $0.00

    • Solid Seat Pan, Depth-Adjustable, Comfort Seat, Limited Recline, High Back   $0.00

    • 16″W×16″–18″D   $0.00

    • 18″W×18″–20″D   $0.00

    • Solid Seat Pan, Deluxe Contour Seat, Limited Recline, High Back, with Solid and Full-Length Armrests   $0.00

    • 20″W×20″D   $0.00

  • Leg Rests
    • Elevating Leg Rests, 8.5" x 6" Footplates   $342.00

    • Swing Away Leg Rests, 7.25" x 6" Footplates   $172.00

    • Swing Away Leg Rests, 8.5" x 6" Footplates   $172.00

  • Leg Rest Accessories
    • Heel Loops for Swing-away Leg Rests (pair)   $53.00

    • Heel Loops for Elevating Leg Rests (pair)   $53.00

    • Residual Limb Support, Left   $342.00

    • Residual Limb Support, Right   $342.00

  • Armrests (Required - Armrests will be Matched to the Chair)
    • Height Adjustable Flip-Up Armrests - Left   $90.00

    • Height Adjustable Flip-Up Armrests - Right   $90.00

  • Rear Accessories (Only One Can Be Attached at a Time)
    • Rear Basket for Deluxe Contour Seat   $118.00

    • Rear Basket for Comfort/Memory Seat   $118.00

    • Cane & Crutch Holder for Deluxe Contour Seat   $110.00

    • Cane & Crutch Holder for Comfort/Memory Seat   $110.00

    • Oxygen Tank Holder for Deluxe Contour Seat   $118.00

    • Oxygen Tank Holder for Comfort/Memory Seat   $140.00

    • Walker Holder for Deluxe Contour Seat   $125.00

    • Walker Holder for Comfort/Memory Seat   $103.00

  • Other Accessories
  • Lap Belt (60" included with all orders)
    • 60" Included   $0.00

    • 50"   $39.90

    • 70"   $39.90

    • 80"   $39.90

    • 90"   $39.90

  • Military Branch Patches
  • Warranty
    • 1 Year In-Home Parts & Labor Warranty   $0.00

    • 2 Year In-Home Labor Warranty   $269.00

Wheelchair Measuring Diagram - Front
alt="Wheelchair Measuring Diagram - Side"/>

 Seat Width: Measure the widest point of your body between the knees and hips. Add at least one inch- to this measurement for some extra breathing room. If you typically wear bulky or heavy clothing, such as during outdoor use in winter, you may wish to add two inches to this measurement to give yourself adequate room to move.


Back Height: This measurement will determine the distance from the seat base to the top of the wheelchair's seat back. Typically, you'll want to measure from the most posterior point of your body to the center point between your shoulder blades. Some users may prefer a higher back for added support, but remember that the higher the back of the chair is, the less room you'll have to rotate your upper body while seated.


Front Seat to Floor: Measure your leg from the back of your knee to the sole of your foot. Unless you are choosing a foot-propelled wheelchair, you will want to add two inches to this measurement to give yourself plenty of clearance for a footrest.


Seat Depth: Measure from the most posterior point of your body to the interior of your knee, deducting two inches from the total. You may require a greater amount of leg overhang to lift your legs during use; if so, consult your rehabilitation professional for guidance on adjusting your measurements accordingly, or speak with one of our power wheelchair specialists by dialing 1 (800) 794-9813 to get the right fit.


Hanger Angle: This measurement specifies how far your toes will extend from your body when seated, and is measured horizontally. The tighter your hanger angle, the less space you'll need to turn your wheelchair around. The flexibility of your legs and knees may also impact the hanger angle you will want to choose. Most wheelchairs have a hanger angle of about 70 degrees, and the farthest hanger angle available on any wheelchair is 60 degrees. Pediatric chairs have a hanger angle of 90 degrees to accommodate the shorter leg length of child users. A hanger angle is difficult for a wheelchair user to measure on their own, so we highly recommend calling one of our power wheelchair experts at 1 (800) 794-9813 to help you find a chair with the optimal hanger angle for your needs.


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