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Scooter Cover, Regular

Scooter Cover, Regular
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Ever worried about your scooter being stuck out in the rain or any other kind of weather that can do damage. Worry no more! This cover slips over your mobility scooter offers protection from the rain, sun, and wind. This is great for storing your scooter outdoors or whenever you are transporting it.


  • Type
    • Regular - Uses Grommets & Drawstring   $0.00

    • Heavy Duty - Uses Loops & Sewn Adjustable Strap w/ Buckle   $14.25

    • Heavy Duty with 6" Top Slit   $28.50

    • Heavy Duty with Full Back Slit   $28.50

  • Scooter Make
    • (Required) Please tell us the manufacturer of your scooter   $0.00

  • Scooter Model
    • (Required) Please tell us the model of your scooter   $0.00

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