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What is a Rollator - Rollators (or rollator walkers) are walkers with wheels. Regular walkers can be awkward at times as the user has to move the walker, walk, stop and then repeat. A rollator makes walking smoother, gives you better balance, and allows you to rest when you get tired.

Rollator Basics - Find your rollator walker quickly using the information below.

  1. Number of wheels: 4 wheel models are more stable than 3 wheel models. 3 wheel models don't have seats, but are good for narrow spaces indoors and on smooth surfaces. 2 wheel models have rubber tipped legs on the back. They are for first time users.
  2. Tire size: The larger the tires, the easier the walker will be to push and the more stable it will be over rough terrain. Rollator walkers with larger wheels are a bit heavier.
  3. Brake type: Loop brakes require the user to squeeze the brakes to stop. They are the easiest to get used to, but can be troublesome for people with arthritis or muscular weakness. Push-down brakes activate as the user leans their weight on the walker. They are not the best option for very light or very heavy users, however.
  4. Weight capacity: Finally, make sure the rollator you are looking at supports your weight. Rollator walkers with higher capacities feature wider seats in addition to stronger frames.




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