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Water Jet Whirlpool System: Enjoy 6 adjustable jet ports located throughout the tub at the front of your legs, behind your legs, and at your back. A powerful 3/4 HP water pump gives you a stream of water you can feel while the pump's radiator system keeps the tubs water warm and increases the life of the pump itself.

Whirlpool System

Air Jet System: 18 air jets create relaxing, warm bubbles around the entire perimeter of your Sanctuary. The Air Jet System uses a strong 1/2 HP blower motor combined with a 750 watt heater. In addition, the blower has 3 speed levels - low, medium, and high.

Air Jet System

Dual Whirlpool & Air Jet System: Get both systems for the ultimate walk-in bathtub. This upgrade features full versions of the Water Jet Whirlpool System and the Air Jet System, with independent controls for each. The combination system is not available in smaller tub models because of the lack of space.

Dual Whirlpool & Air Jet System


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