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Supernal 5

Supernal 5
  • Flat Low
  • Chair Position
  • Head Raised
  • Foot Raised
  • Flat Raised
  • Queen Size in Room
  • Remote Control
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The Supernal 5 gives you all the functions of a hospital bed with an elegant look that blends in with any bedroom decor. The Supernal 5 is designed to hide all of its electric components. This allows the bed to look like any other so you can receive guests in your bedroom without feeling self-conscious.

Available in Twin (38" x 80"), Full (53" x 80"), Queen (60" x 80") and Dual King. If you're looking for form and function at a great price, this is the bed for you. There's nothing quite like it!
  • Head, Foot, and Hi-Low Adjustable
  • Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg, and Cardiac Chair
  • Super low height for easy self transfer
  • Maximum height range for greatest flexibility
  • 300lb weight capacity
  • Backlit wireless hand control for visibility
  • Variable massage settings


Bed Warranty This Limited Warranty is extended to the original purchaser/user and cannot be transferred. All Transfer Master Hi-Low beds and accessories are warranted for a period of One Year against defects. A detailed version of this warranty accompanies each bed and is available upon request. Warranty does not cover products damaged in shipping. It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect the delivered goods upon arrival. Should damages exist, report it immediately to Transfer Master Products, Inc. and the carrier. The carrier will be responsible for repairing or replacing the product. Failure to report these damages upon delivery could result in a loss to the customer.

Mattress Warranty We offer a wide range of mattresses from cloth orthopedic to computerized turn systems. There are different Warranties depending on the product and often these Warranties are supported by our different providers. Specific Warranties are available upon request. All guarantees are limited to workmanship defects and exclude comfort and other subjective aspects. Customer will be responsible for any freight if the mattress needs to be transported.
Base Capacity
300 lb
Base Height (Lowest)
Base Maximum Lift
Wall Hugger
Remote Control
Remote Control Type
Independent Head and Foot Adjustments
Battery Backup
Under Bed Lighting
Side Rail Option
Caster Option


  • Size
  • Mattresses (Must Match Frame Size) These are Non-Returnable
    • No Mattress   $0.00

    • Ascent is a Firm Hospital Bed Mattress   $0.00

    • Soft Touch is Form Fitting Memory Foam   $0.00

    • Bamboo is Soft and has a Silky Feel   $0.00

    • Vinyl is Waterproof but Feels Like Fabric   $0.00

    • 38"x80" Twin Ascent Bamboo   $643.00

      38"x80" Twin Ascent Bamboo
    • 38"x80" Twin Ascent Vinyl   $643.00

    • 38"x80" Twin Soft Touch Bamboo   $713.00

      38"x80" Twin Soft Touch Bamboo
    • 38"x80" Twin Soft Touch Vinyl   $713.00

    • 53"x80" Full Ascent Bamboo   $843.00

    • 53"x80" Full Ascent Vinyl   $843.00

    • 53"x80" Full Soft Touch Bamboo   $929.00

    • 53"x80" Full Soft Touch Vinyl   $929.00

    • 60"x80" Queen Ascent Bamboo   $949.00

    • 60"x80" Queen Ascent Vinyl   $949.00

    • 60"x80" Queen Soft Touch Bamboo   $1,088.00

    • 60"x80" Queen Soft Touch Vinyl   $1,088.00

  • Options
    • BATTERY BACKUP   $574.00

    • 1 SET-HALF RAILS (HEAD ONLY)   $398.00


  • Shipping
    • Regular Shipping Included   $0.00

    • White Glove Delivery   $500.00

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