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Technical Support
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UP Stair Lift Process

UP Curved Stair Lift
  • Controls on Arm
  • At Top to Enter or Exit
  • Fold Arms Up, Footrest Folds Also
  • Folded and Parked Out of the Way
  • Riding Lift
  • Building a Custom Curve
  • Optional Hinged Rail at Bottom
  • Optional Wireless Remote Control
Stair Lift Repair and Servicing
Certifications: If this product has one.
Prepare to take a step into the future with the UP Stairlift! This innovative lift is designed to meet your needs to help you safely enjoy your independence at home. Created with ease of use in mind, the UP Stairlift includes standard features such as the power swivel and power footrest, wi-fi connectivity for remote service, and more.

We recognize that everyone's home is unique – the UP Stairlift's modular rail can be configured to fit your staircase on the spot! This way, you can bypass the extra time it takes for custom engineering designs, manufacture backlog, and all the work and waiting in between. Need to extend the rail to another room or down a hallway? The modular rail can accommodate virtually any addition. Want to move to another home but worry you may need to leave your lift? Take it with you and ask for a reconfiguration fit for your new residence.

Let the UP Stairlift uplift your spirit and increase independence at home!
UP stair lift labeled with features
Drive Type
Rack and Pinion
Battery Powered
Self Installable
Basic Installation Included
Standard Capacity
275 lb
Max Track Length, Standard
Max Track Length, Optional
Track Material
Modular Rail: Extruded Aluminum, Cast Aluminum
Swivel Seat
Swivel Seat Rotation
Flip-Up Seat
Flip-Up Armrests
Constant Pressure Controls
Footrest Safety Sensor
Seat Width, Min
Seat Depth
Unit Footprint, In Use
Unit Footprint, Parked
Track Footprint
2 years parts and components, 5 years drive/traction motor, 6 months battery
Track Width
Call Stations Included
2 Wireless
Digital Diagnostics Display
Key Lock
  • Base Unit (All Include a Pair of Charging Sets and 2 Remotes)
    • Chassis & Seat - Order Track and Additional as Needed Below   $0.00

    • Kit- Chassis & Seat w/Up to 22' and 1-90 Degree Turn   $2,380.00

    • Kit- Chassis & Seat w/Up to 27' and 2-90 Degree Turns   $4,135.00

    • Kit- Chassis & Seat w/Up to 29' and 3-90 Degree Turns   $5,135.00

  • Orientation (looking up the staircase)
    • The Stairlift will be on the Left   $0.00

    • The Stairlift will be on the Right   $0.00

  • Straight Rail Sections
    • 6' Straight Section   $422.00

    • 4' Straight Section   $279.00

    • 1" Straight Section   $22.00

  • Curved Rail
    • 90 Degree Curve Set (18 - 5 degree wedges)   $465.00

  • Rail Supports
    • Extra Small Support   $29.00

      Extra Small Support
    • Small Support   $36.00

      Small Support
    • Medium Support   $50.00

      Medium Support
    • Large Support   $65.00

      Large Support
    • Extra Large Support   $93.00

      Extra Large Support
    • Straight Support   $43.00

      Straight Support
  • Rail Options
    • Gear Rack Screws (box of 250)   $29.00

    • Extra Charging Station   $93.00

    • Rail Joint   $43.00

    • Curve Joint (1 for every rail curve set)   $15.00

    • Rail Support Filling Plate (set of 5)   $36.00

    • Small Rail Support Filling Plage (set of 10)   $65.00

    • Hinged Rail Section for Bottom Landing   $1,279.00

  • Additional Options
    • Charging Set (box of 2)   $186.00

    • Left Hand Operation   $536.00

    • Remote Control 2.0   $136.00

    • Seat Extender   $79.00

    • WiFi Hotspot   $422.00

    • WiFi Extender/Repeater   $136.00

  • Installation
    • Installation   $1,250.00

    • Installation On Concrete, Steel, or Tile Stairs is available.   $460.00

    • Is There a Stair Lift Currently Installed Where this Curved Stair Lift Will Be Going?   $0.00

    • Stair Lift Removal Service   $499.00

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