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Buying a vertical platform lift can be an intimidating process if you've never done it before. A vertical platform lift is an investment that you should expect to get many years of use from, so you should take care to buy the right one. Fortunately, here at USM, we offer high-quality AmeriGlide vertical platform lifts that are categorized in a way that make it easy to pick the one that best suits your needs.

For individuals who want to install the lift in or around a private home, we recommend either:

Knowing which of these is best for you is as easy as measuring the distance the lift must be able to climb. If the lift must be able to transport a user approximately 4-6 feet, the Hercules Jr. is the right model for the job. If you need a lift that goes higher, the Atlas can transport a user up to 12 feet.

If you are a business owner or city planner that is looking for a vertical platform lift for commercial applications, such as use in a part, church, school, store, or office, we recommend one of our commercial vertical platform lifts. The commercial models we offer are similar to their individual counterparts, except they are built to support an even greater weight capacity and are specifically designed to conform to local building codes and public safety requirements. As a result, they offer more built-in safety options such as an emergency alarm button, landing gates that can be locked, and full-length walls for the sides of the lifting area.

Our two commercial vertical platform lifts are:

These vertical platform lifts cover the same amount of distance as their residential counterparts: the Hercules can transport a user distances of 4-6 feet, and the Atlas can transport a user up to 12 feet.

There is one other AmeriGlide vertical platform lift available at USM, and it is perfect for those who need occasional use of a wheelchair lift. The AmeriGlide Atlas Portable Vertical Platform Lift is capable of lifting a user slightly more than four feet. This is a portable lift which can be brought out for certain occasions such as public functions or visiting relatives. When its job is done, it can go back into storage and out of your way.




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