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Sanctuary Walk-In Bathtubs are built to easily take the place of most standard bathtubs. The Sanctuary Walk-In Tub with a Inward Swinging Door, for example, comes in the four most popular sizes found in homes across America.


Our specialists are here to make sure you get the Sanctuary Walk-In Bathtub that best meets your needs and that will be the easiest to install. When you call us, we'll ask about your current bathroom setup including where the tub is, where the faucets and drain are, and if you have GFI circuits installed (for Whirlpool and Air Jet models). By ordering your Sanctuary from USM you'll get the best price on your bathtub and get a tub that will cost the least to have installed.


Our specialists will make sure you have the right help available for a quick installation. In most cases, you will need to find a licensed plumber or installer in your area that you trust to have the work done. Although we do not provide installation services, we will provide references of qualified installers in your area if they are available.


A qualified professional will perform the following steps to install a Sanctuary Walk-In Bathtub in most cases:

  • Remove your old tub or shower unit and dispose of it
  • Adjust the levelers on tub
  • Hook up the water lines and drains
  • Hook up electricity for units with Whirlpool or Air Jets on a GFI circuit
  • Repair any wall, tiling, or trim
  • Test that all hook-ups and the tub itself are leak-free


In most cases, a Sanctuary Walk-In Bathtub can be installed quite easily by a professional. However, in the case of older homes or tight bathrooms extra work may need to be performed, such as installing a GFI electrical circuit or rerouting water lines. We will work with you to make sure there are no surprises along the way.


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