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*Non-Continental U.S. States & Territories - please call for shipping charges.
The new AmeriGlide Platinum Curved Stair Lift is also available in a HD version! With an increased weight capacity of 352 pounds, the Platinum HD allows virtually all multi-level home owners to make their stairs handicap accessible without the use of elevators or vertical platform lifts. If you have multiple landings, spiral, 90-degree, 180-degree, or anything other type of staircase, the Platinum HD curved stair lift is the answer for you!
The Platinum HD is designed to be as discreet as possible and blend in with your home just as any other piece of furniture would. This compact model even comes with a folding seat and footrest that will free up even more room on your staircase when the lift is not in use.  In addition, you will love the comfortably designed padded seat as well as the twin rail mechanical leveling system that offers a smooth ride around landings and corners each and every time you use your lift.
Safety is a top priority for AmeriGlide, so every Platinum HD comes with a seatbelt, pressure sensitive footrest and carriage, and a swivel seat that transferring in and out of the seat as easy as possible.  Multiple sensors are on the stair lift itself will detect and avoid obstructions that might pose a safety hazard.  Finally, key lock switch comes in handy for when you need to keep unauthorized people, like curious grandchildren, from using the lift.
AmeriGlide stair lifts are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and the Platinum HD Curved Stair Lift is no exception. We are very excited to bring one of the first curved stair lifts to the online market place and we know that you will love having this amazing heavy duty stairlift in your home.
To learn more about your options and order your Platinum stairlift, contact one of our stair lift experts today!

NOTE: Covid lockdowns in the UK have delayed shipping on these stair lifts. Lead time is approximately 12 weeks from the date of your order. Contact your sales representative for an update on expected shipping times.
Drive Type
350W Rack and Pinion Drive
Battery Powered
Self Installable
Basic Installation Included
Standard Capacity
352 lb
Max Track Length, Standard
Track Material
Twin Tube Steel Rail
Swivel Seat
Swivel Seat Rotation
Top Only
Flip-Up Seat
Flip-Up Armrests
Constant Pressure Controls
Footrest Safety Sensor
Seat Width, Min
Call Stations Included
Digital Diagnostics Display
  • Seat Color
    • Beige   $0.00

      Beige AmeriGlide Platinum Stair Lift Chair Option
    • Red   $0.00

      Red AmeriGlide Platinum Stair Lift Chair Option
    • Blue   $0.00

      Blue AmeriGlide Platinum Stair Lift Chair Option
  • Seat Style
    • Upgraded HD Seat   $0.00

      Platinum Stair Lift HD Seat Product Option
  • Control Location
    • We can put the controls on either arm to suit you.   $0.00

    • Left Side   $0.00

    • Right Side   $0.00

  • Optional Seat Features
    • Wireless Radio Call/Send Remote   $0.00

    • Powered Footrest   $446.00

    • Offset Footplate   $194.00

    • Extra Parking Call/Send Remote   $150.00

  • Additional Track and Bends
    • Additional HD Rail per yard (comes standard with 19.7' included)   $446.00

    • Base Unit Includes One Bend   $0.00

    • Additional Bend (each)   $728.00

  • Top Landing Options
    • Standard Top Landing   $0.00

      Standard Top Landing
    • Top Over-Run Landing   $158.00

      Top Over-Run Landing
  • Bottom Landing Options
    • Standard Bottom Landing   $0.00

      Standard Bottom Landing
    • Bottom Over-Run Landing   $158.00

      Bottom Over-Run Landing
    • Nose Drop   $302.00

      Nose Drop
  • Additional Rail Features
    • Intermediate Landing   $263.00

    • Additional Charge Point   $150.00

    • Jet Black Color on Rail (RAL9005)   $1,007.00

    • Beige Brown Color on Rail (RAL8024)   $1,007.00

    • Concrete Grey Color on Rail (RAL7023)   $1,007.00

    • Custom Color on Rail (Specify RAL Color Below)   $1,870.00

    • RAL Color Selection for Custom Rail Color When Selected Above   $0.00

  • Installation
    • Measurement and Installation   $0.00

    • Stair Lift Removal Service   $499.00

    • License / Permit / Inspection   $425.00

    • Permit and Inspection (Required in Alabama)   $285.00

    • Permit (Required in Kentucky for EACH item being installed)   $87.50

    • Dealers Only - Camera Kit Rental - Digital Mapping For Curved Track   $350.00

    • Permit (Required in Kentucky for EACH item being installed)   $87.50

    • Permit & Inspection (Required in Georgia for EACH item being installed)   $250.00

  • Installation Location Question
    • Is There a Stair Lift Currently Installed Where this Curved Stair Lift Will be Going?   $0.00

  • Installation Special Cases
    • Installation On Concrete, Steel, or Tile Stairs is available.   $460.00

    • Most sprial staircases will not accept a curved lift if the staircase is made with a single center pole.   $0.00

  • Shipping Charge
    • Call for Shipping Price   $0.00

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Frail, with a strong mind and fat pockets.


cushy seat, quick response


Works like a dream. worth the money! I feel like a princess.
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