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The differences in retail markup between dealers are a constant pitfall for consumers. Companies doing everything they can to make ends meet may sell their mobility products at exorbitantly high rates to squeeze some extra dollars out of their customers.

Luckily for you, USM doesn't need to do that. Our proven track record of attentive customer service and thorough oversight of orders from the time they are placed to the moment a product arrives to your door speaks for itself. And now, because we are a leading retailer of AmeriGlide-brand stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, lift chairs, and scooters, we are recognized as an Authorized AmeriGlide Provider!

What does this mean for you? It's simple: when you purchase an AmeriGlide product from us, you are getting the item at the lowest possible price on the market - period. You'll never pay more for an AmeriGlide product bought from USM than you would if you bought directly from the manufacturer online or in a brick-and-mortar store - and in the case of seasonal specials or incentive sales, you might even pay less.

Not only that, but the warranty coverage we provide for AmeriGlide products is just as good as the coverage you would get from buying direct. Your single point of contact for any problems you may experience with a given product is the same salesman who processed your order when you first called. You won't be shrugged off to deal with the manufacturer, because we can handle your warranty claim for you without needing to send you to talk to a third party!

So go ahead. Browse our selection of premium mobility products from AmeriGlide. Buy the lifestyle aid you need to live the way you always have. Defy the limits. That's what we do here every day, to ensure that our customers have the best possible shopping experience.


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