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ADA Compliant commercial grade lift. Swimming should be fun, so eliminate the hassle of struggling to get in and out of the pool by using the AmeriGlide Pool Lift. Those who aren't steady on ladders or comfortable getting in and out of the side of a pool can sit in the comfortable sling seat and be lowered to a depth of 26". A sealed hand control that's easy to use with one hand makes operating the lift quick and simple. And the concrete anchor makes mounting the lift easy, too. The sturdy stainless steel tubing can be slipped off the anchor mount when you're ready to store the lift seasonally. Daily storage isn't necessary, since the powder-coating has been baked on to protect against peeling, chipping or cracking in the sun. The AmeriGlide Pool Lift is the ADA-compliant lift that can make your leisure time around the pool more convenient and trouble-free than ever.

Be Careful!

Look closely at other places that have lower priced ADA compliant lifts.  They show you a low price and then charge for the things you need to make it operate.  Our price includes everything you need to install and operate the lift.

  • The battery is included in the price!
  • The hand control is included in the price!
  • The anchors (stainless steel) used to install the lift are included in the price!
Lift TypePowered Lift
Weight Capacity350 lb
Weight Capacity With Upgrade350 lb
Lifting Range26"
PortabilityNot Portable
  • Seating
    • Fully Submersive Comfortable Sling Seat   $0.00

      No Image
  • Included
    • 24V Removable, Easy-Access Battery   $0.00

      No Image
    • 4" Deep, Stainless Steel Concrete Anchor Mounting System   $0.00

      No Image
  • Options
    • Pool Lift Cover   $237.00

      AmeriGlide Pool Lift Cover
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Certified Customer
Great pool lifts
Jul 4, 2019 9:50 AM

A Little About Myself

Purchasing for motel chain


High quality, easy to install, and extremely durable.



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On time
As the person in charge of purchasing for our hotel group I have shopped all the ADA compliant pool lifts. We started buying these lifts about 4 years ago and they are outstanding. With over 100 units in service we have found them to be far superior to any other product we have tested or purchased. Highly recommend.
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