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Don’t buy into the misconception that a lift chair has to look like a piece of medical equipment.  While our power lift chairs are strong and durable, they are also designed to look good and blend in with your home decor, no matter what your decorating style.  Both major manufacturers of power lift recliners – Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies  – offer wide selections of fabric choices at varying price points. This guide will help you to identify the best options in power recliner styles and fabrics to match your existing home décor.


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Golden PR-756 Relaxer demonstrates the clean lines common to art deco homes, as do Pride's CL-10, CL-15, and CL-30 models from their Classic Collection. If you'd prefer a power lift chair with a slightly more angular appearance, the Golden PR-747 Williamsburg might better suit your scheme.


While muted colors are common in a contemporary style home, your power lift recliner doesn't necessarily have to follow this convention. Bright colored furniture and accessories are often added to contemporary-styled living spaces to add a pop of color. Pride's CL-30 Classic and LL-571 Deluxe chairs are all recliner lift chairs which are designed with a slightly more modern flair. Consider the Garnet and Shetland Ultraleather as upholstery choices for the GL-310 if you want a bright accent piece. The fabric choices for the CL-30 and LL-571 are decidedly more muted, so these chairs may be better options if you want your power lift recliner to follow the subtle earth tones that denote the contemporary style. Pride does now offer two optional Crypton Smart Fabrics, available at an additional cost, which would be good choices for a bold, bright upholstered CL-30 or LL-571: Celery and Red Pepper.


The multi-hued, comfort-oriented feel of cottage style homes lends itself to playful choices in lift chair recliner upholstery options. Overstuffed furniture is a hallmark of this design style, so an ultra-plush power lift chair model like the LL-550 from Pride's Elegance line, or Golden's PR-410 Winston, will fit right in. The Salsa and Hollyhock Brisa fabrics, the Pine vinyl, or the Garnet and Praline Ultraleather all sport the friendly, warm colors native to cottage home decor.


For a country farmhouse scheme, you practically don't need to do any stylistic color coordination. Do note, though, that fabric choices for this rustic, cluttered décor style tend towards cotton and other natural fabrics. Consider sticking with our standard Quick Ship fabric choices for your power lift chair if the eclectic farmhouse style is your reigning home motif.


Three subcategories of the country style dominate home décor: French, English, and American. If you're trying for theFrench country look, chances are you have toile patterns featuring prominently in either curtains or upholstery. While power lift recliner fabrics don't feature toile print, it should be easy to find a fabric that matches your toile pattern's colors; alternatively, you can accent your power lift recliner chair with pillows that are covered in a matching toile pattern. (If you don't use toile in your decorating scheme, try bright, natural colors like Praline or Nile UltraLeather, Arctic Blue Suede, or Royal Blue Lexis vinyl.) If your style tends toward English country, dark colors are more in keeping with the style. Velvet and leather both compliment English country décor; the Berry velvet, Pickle Crypton suede, and Fudge UltraLeather are all suitable fabric choices. Finally, for American country style, the best choice is leather or UltraLeather upholstery in a natural earthtone such as Buff, Fudge, or Ravenwing; Bark and Coffee Bean Brisa also suit this design choice.


The Moroccan style of decorating, with its focus on lush, comfortable furnishing rich with pillows, lends itself well to overstuffed power recliner chairs like Pride's LL-550 series or Golden's PR-410 Winston – the plusher, the better. Use bold colors like Salsa Brisa and Red Pepper Crypton, or UltraLeather in a Garnet, Nile, or Shetland color.


The decorative style of an Old World home favors twill-like fabrics with slightly rougher textures, so Quick Ship and optional standard fabrics will do just fine for this purpose – Moss, Raspberry, Oatmeal, and Marine for Pride power recliners, and Admiral, Cognac, Evergreen and Vino for Golden power recliners. Leather and UltraLeather in dark earthtones also fit nicely into an Old World scheme. For added accents, you can always add floral brocade pillows to your power lift chair to complement existing fabric patterns if you desire.


Southwestern style homes focus on light natural shades that echo the color of adobe, terra cotta, and sand. You can follow this convention if you like, though the Southwestern style also draws largely on the bright colors of the Latin culture. A bright red or blue upholstery for your power lift chair, such as Red Pepper Crypton, Sapphire SofTouch, or Salsa Brisa, is therefore completely acceptable in a Southwestern home décor scheme. And if you happen to live in one of the hot climates where the Southwestern style dominates, consider Ultrafabrics Brisa upholstery for its self-ventilating, temperature-resistant feel that keeps your power lift recliner cool to the touch.


When choosing a power lift recliner chair fabric for a traditional style home, the rules of thumb are solid colors and smooth fabrics (heavily textured fabrics are considered too gaudy for this style of décor). Try to match your fabric to the other pieces in the room where you intend to place your power recliner chair. Keep color choices in midtone ranges – anything too bright or distracting detracts from the style. Galaxy vinyl, Cactus suede, Black Onyx and Cream Brisa, Chocolate plush velvet, or Fudge UltraLeather are all good midtone color choices.


The relaxed, friendly feel of the Tuscan style contrasts bright yet natural colors with natural stone and clay walls. Damask and chintz pillows make excellent accents for chairs, with lace and fringe to taste. Terra Cotta Crypton suede, Berry plush velvet, Buff UltraLeather, Hollyhock Brisa, and Evergreen SofTouch are all fabric choices which match this color scheme.




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