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An electric scooter is a marvelous invention that provides mobility and freedom for those of us who are no longer able to walk comfortably for long distances.  Even the best scooter has some limitations, however, investing in a few affordable accessories can make sure your scooter meets all your needs.


•  Armrest Bags and Seatback Bags - These accessories provide an easy way to carry your personal belongings and purchases as you go about your daily routine and run errands around town.  Investing in a sturdy seatback or armrest bag with zippered or Velcro-equipped fastenings is the perfect way to stay organized and keep important items within reaching distance.







•  Electric Batteries and Chargers - A quality charger will help ensure that you battery is operational and in tip-top shape everyday. This is especially important if you are going on a trip and might not have access to an outlet at all times.  Investing in an additional battery means that your scooter will always have the power it needs.







•  Canopies and Covers - Going out in the rain doesn't have to be a soggy experience with a canopy specifically designed with electric scooters in mind.  A canopy will allow you to stay dry and leave both your hands free to steer your mobility scooter.  If your scooter is going to be stored for any length of time, keep it safe from dust and moisture by purchasing a cover to keep it snug and secure.







•  Trays - A scooter tray easily and securely attaches to the armrest of your scooter and provides a flat surface  that will make it easy to eat, read, and pay your bills while seated in your mobility scooter.  Enjoy the comfort and convenience of being able to stay in your chair while you complete daily tasks.







•  O2, Cane and Walker Holders - If you have an O2 tank, or wish to travel with your cane or walker, you might want to invest in a holder to keep your items safe and locked in place. Holders fit onto the seat back of your electric scooter and keep your items within easy reach for you or anyone else that made need to access them.







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