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If you have been shopping for a lift chair, you have probably come across zero gravity models and encountered the term “Trendelenburg.”  A quick internet search of Trendelenburg may bring up some interesting results and old medical illustrations of surgeries, but don’t be scared away.  By definition, the Trendelenburg position is simply when the feet are positioned higher than the head anywhere from 15-30 degrees. It is named for the German surgeon Friedrich Trendelenburg who began to utilize this position during surgeries in order to create more room in the pelvic area.    

So what does all that have to do with a lift chair?  Although there isn’t an overwhelming consensus among the medical community that this position has significant health benefits, it has become a traditional tool in relieving the pressure of gravitational pull.  Anecdotal evidence from lift chair owners indicates that the zero gravity lifts chairs often provide the perfect tool for those with achy muscles and joints to find a relaxing position that allows them to sleep comfortably and get the rejuvenating rest they need.
If you find it difficult to get into a comfortable position that allows you to get quality sleep, you should consider investing in a zero gravity lift chair that can be reclined all the way back into the Trendelenburg position for optimal relaxation.

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