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The Beginning
Sue Chen, CEO and president, launched Nova in 1993 with only three employees in a small 4,000 square foot space in El Segundo, California. With only one loading dock available, every delivery truck had to be unloaded immediately and in less than an hour. Everyone helped, including Chen — even in heels. A style and the spirit of inclusion and cooperation were born. But the true beginning of Nova can be traced to Chen’s father. Dr. Bruce Chen was a remarkable man who died in 1984 after a long battle with cancer. Before passing, Dr. Chen established himself in the United States as a leader in the field of rehabilitation. In 1982, with his brother Allen Chen, he founded Nova Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Appliances, Inc. in Taichung, Taiwan. Despite losing his brother, Allen Chen continued to build the business, eventually exporting his aluminum canes, walkers, commodes and crutches to the United States, Europe and Asia. By the early 1990s, Nova Taiwan was a leading durable medical equipment manufacturer in Taiwan, shipping to over 30 countries. The Chen family believed the U.S. market had the greatest potential. They had already established their reputation as an original equipment manufacturer for a few major companies. However, unsatisfied with the inconsistent quality of other OEMs that were needed to fulfill demand, the Chens made a fateful decision: they would launch a company in the United States that would exclusively market and distribute Nova products.

The Vision
Life at any age shimmers with possibilities when using Nova’s innovative solutions for independent living. Meaningful transformation of lifestyle is now possible with mobility, bathroom safety and other customized products, such as designer canes, rolling walkers, transport chairs, wheelchairs, cushions — and more. Nova solutions are created to help human beings of all ages fulfill the two most crucial reasons for stayin’ alive: personal relationships and meaningful experiences. With Nova, there is no need to stop putting a fun, sexy spin on life. In the beginning, products such as the Rolling Walker or “Rollator" were the Nova niche. The “as unique as you are” company pioneered the demand for these products by creating a network of doctors, caregivers, rehabilitation centers, distributors and local sales sites, such as pharmacies and other types of stores. But the work was not done — nor will it ever be. Just as human beings grow wise with age, Nova continues to expand its vision, expertise and commitment to making life grand, mobile and meaningful for everyone. Customize your life with Nova!

The Promise

• Exceptional quality and complete customer satisfaction

• The best warranty in the industry

• Knowledge and compassion that evolve through the ages

• The human touch: Real people answer all customer service questions

The Future
After doubling its capacity in El Segundo, Nova relocated to a larger modern facility in Carson, California. Also, in 2004 Nova expanded on a national scale by opening a state-of-the-art distribution center in Chicago, America’s heartland. In 2010, the Chicago distribution center tripled in size. The Nova that began with three employees is now 60 strong. And the original 4,000-square-foot facility has been expanded to over 160,000 square feet. The facts are not a boast. They are a necessity. The largest age demographic in America will soon be 60 and over. As the population ages and evolves, Nova will be there with innovations that make living at all stages of life truly independent.


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