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Relaxation and relief from muscle and joint pain are all possible with a hydrotherapeutic walk in bathtub.We've discussed the benefits of our walk in baths for mobility-impaired users elsewhere on this site, but let's take a few minutes to examine the benefits such a device can offer for other users.


First off, a walk in bath can be a part of an effort to reduce resource usage in your home. If you use less water in the tub than you would in a shower, you can lower your water bill (or your power bill, if you use an electric pump to draw well water to your home) by taking a tub bath. Of course, individual water usage varies from person to person depending on how long of a shower you like to take - if you are in and out very quickly, you may not notice a difference. However, if you generally take long, hot showers, switching to tub baths that use low water volume can dramatically reduce your monthly water usage.


Research shows that taking a warm bath prior to bedtime relieves many physical symptoms of stress and makes you more conducive to falling asleep, both physically and mentally. Hydrotherapy tubs and spas with whirlpool jets are particularly conducive to relaxation, for a number of reasons. For starters, the motion of the water offers the mind an abstract feeling to focus on. Additionally, warm moving water helps to ease joint pain, and the pressure exerted by jets can help to unknot overworked or cramped muscles. Warm water has also been demonstrated to eliminate headaches and reduce swelling by promoting the movement of lymph fluids away from inflamed areas suffering from conditions such as arthritis; this relieves stiffness and restores mobility to sore joints.


If you suffer from arthritis in your back or lower body, a hydrotherapy walk in bath offers an additional benefit - the low step-in height allows you to avoid exerting additional pressure on inflamed muscles and joints by having to climb over a steep tub wall. We offer several different types of hydrotherapy walk in baths on our website - click here to contact a bath safety expert for more details.



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