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Answers to Common Questions and Concerns

• Isn’t a walk in bath tub expensive? Is it really worth it?

While a walk in bath is certainly more expensive than a regular bathtub, it is a great value for the person who needs it. It can mean the difference between being able to bathe whenever they’d like to, or having to wait until their caregiver or a family member comes to help them. So while you should always shop around and find a good value for your investment, the expense of a walkin bath is worth it to be able to remain independent and dignified for longer.

walk in bathtub questions

• How difficult is it to find a contractor to install it?

This depends on where you are living. Most locales will have someone who is qualified, although it is preferable to hire a contractor with experience in installing walk in baths. To learn more, check out our guide to finding the right contractor.

• I’ve heard that walk in bathtubs leak. Is that true?

Some of the lower quality walk in bath tubs leak. With a good quality company, you can rest assured that your door won’t leak. When you buy from USM, you rest easy knowing that all door seals are covered by a lifetime warranty.

• Is there anything I should know about cleaning a walk in bathtub?

The only real difference between cleaning a walk in bathtub and a normal bathtub is the seal. While you do have a warranty if it is compromised, it can be a hassle to deal with replacing it. A general rule of thumb is to avoid using abrasive chemicals and cleaners on the seal, as well as using a sponge or brush that won’t scratch or hurt the seal. For more information, please see our guide to cleaning your walk in bath.

• What are the safety benefits of the walk in bathtub?

Walk in bathtubs offer a number of safety benefits. These most likely include assist bars so you can move around more easily, non-slip pads for the floor of the bathtub, a seat (also to minimize the opportunity for slipping), and a seal on the door that prevents the floor of the bathroom from becoming wet and slippery.

• Those are pretty heavy. How much is the shipping?

Shipping will vary from company to company. Some companies will include shipping and even installation in the price of the product. With USM, you can find the shipping info on the product's page or see the delivery information.

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