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AmeriGlide Rave Curved HD Stair Lift
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  • Showing Custom Color Track
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Stair Lift Repair and Servicing
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The AmeriGlide Rave Curved HD Stair Lift is one of a kind, made just for you and assembled in the USA. The design is crafted to fit your needs, staircase, and décor.

This stair lift is built to last. Every staircase that is fitted with a AmeriGlide Rave Curved HD is measured with a calibrated camera kit for digital accuracy. Constructed with highly durable steel, custom precision-bent rails, and finished by experienced craftsmen, this true curved rail is highly engineered to give you an extraordinarily smooth ride.

Your unique path to independence will allow you to enjoy time with your family and your home on every level giving you independence, freedom and the quality of life you deserve.

The build and delivery methods also allow installers to work more quickly and efficiently when they arrive at your home. The lift can be installed with minimal disruptions to you.

Perfect for a stairway with a 90 degree turn, 180 degree, or even a spiral staircase. The AmeriGlide Rave Curved HD can even be built to accommodate multi-story applications.

An ergonomically-designed seat features swivel seat and "flip-up" arms to make entry and exit easier.

Custom color and fabric options are available to help make the AmeriGlide Rave Curved HD Stair Lift a tasteful addition to any home.

This stair lift must be installed by trained installers. It is not user installable; however, the installation cost is included in the shipping fee. To learn more about your options and order your AmeriGlide Rave Curved HD Stair Lift stairlift, contact one of our stair lift experts today.

Additional Features:
  • Narrower profile
  • Extremely quiet, smooth ride
  • True-Curve rail with advanced bending technology creates smoother turns
  • Supportive, ergonomic seating
  • Simple-connect rails and lighter chassis for easy installation
Drive Type
Steel Rack and Pinion
Battery Powered
Self Installable
Basic Installation Included
Standard Capacity
350 lb
Max Track Length, Standard
Max Track Length, Optional
Rail Angle, Max
Swivel Seat
Flip-Up Seat
Flip-Up Armrests
Constant Pressure Controls
Footrest Safety Sensor
Seat Width, Min
Seat Depth
Unit Footprint, Parked
Limited Lifetime, 2-Year Parts, 1-Year Battery
Digital Diagnostics Display
Key Lock
  • Seat Color
    • Beige   $0.00

    • Black   $0.00

  • Rail Color
    • Beige   $0.00

    • Black   $0.00

  • Base Unit
    • 90 Degree first turn, up to 18' rail   $0.00

      90 Degree first turn, up to 18' rail
    • 90 degree first turn, up to 24' rail   $778.00

    • 180 degree first turn, up to 18' rail   $500.00

      180 degree first turn, up to 18' rail
    • 180 degree first turn, up to 24' rail   $1,112.00

    • Custom applications, up to 24' rail   $4,667.00

    • Sweep, up to 24' rail   $6,167.00

      Sweep, up to 24' rail
    • Spiral, up to 24' rail   $15,667.00

      Spiral, up to 24' rail
    • Straight with Overrun, up to 16' rail   $0.00

      Straight with Overrun, up to 16' rail
    • Straight with Intermediate landing, up to 16' rail   $0.00

  • Options
    • Seat Belt   $0.00

    • Top & Bottom Call-Send Stations   $0.00

    • Additional Call/Send   $300.50

    • 90 Degree Park   $2,492.00

    • 90 Degree Turn   $2,333.00

    • 180 Degree Park   $3,033.00

    • 180 Degree Turn   $2,883.00

    • Additional Track (per foot)   $174.75

    • Extra Spiral (per foot)   $842.00

    • Extra Sweep (per foot)   $500.50

    • Additional Charge Station   $558.00

    • Drop Nose   $342.00

    • Key Switch   $300.50

    • Outdoor Package   $3,995.00

  • Orientation (looking UP the staircase)
    • The stair lift will be on the left   $0.00

    • The stair lift will be on the right   $0.00

  • Installation
    • Is There a Stair Lift Currently Installed Where this Curved Stair Lift Will Be Going?   $0.00

    • Stair Lift Removal Service   $499.00

    • CAD Service - A $2500 CAD Cost Will be Charged if the Stairlift Order is Cancelled   $0.00

  • Installation Special Cases
    • Installation On Concrete, Steel, or Tile Stairs is available.   $460.00

    • Most sprial staircases will not accept a curved lift if the staircase is made with a single center pole.   $0.00

  • Shipping Note
    • Installation by Trained Installers is Included with the Shipping Cost   $0.00

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