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Power Chair Cover, Regular


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Power Chair Cover, Regular
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Made in America
Don't you hate it when unexpected weather comes along and ruins everything, even your power wheelchair? With a power wheel chair cover, you won't have to worry about that anymore. This cover slips easily over your power wheelchair and protects it from all the elements that come about. This cover is perfect for outdoor storage or when transporting your wheelchair.
  • Type
    • Regular - Uses Grommets & Drawstring   $0.00

    • Heavy Duty - Uses Loops & Sewn Adjustable Strap w/ Buckle   $13.00

    • Heavy Duty with 8" Top Slit   $25.00

    • Heavy Duty with Full Back Slit   $25.00

  • Power Chair Make
    • (Required) Please tell us the manufacturer of your power chair   $0.00

  • Power Chair Model
    • (Required) Please tell us the model of your power chair   $0.00

Certified Customer
Robust and Weatherproof
May 27, 2013 9:19 AM

A Little About Myself



Very strong construction, heavy duty, adjustable elastic skirt, plenty of loops for securing the cover


Cover is black. I live in an environment featuring hot weather. Why don't these covers come in light colors? 112 degree on average temps + dark cover equals too much heat trapped within chair and I don't believe this is good for the fabrics or electronics

Service & Delivery

As advertised.
See above. I'm happy with the cover, just feel the manufacturer needs to address regional areas and provide a selection of colors to suit the environment. For that reason only I dinged them one star.
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