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The Fusion Outside Lift is designed to work with most of the different mobility scooters and electric power chairs available. It is only necessary to drive the scooter or wheelchair onto the spacious aluminum platform and secure it in place using the built in retractors. Once the retractors are locked in place, simply push a button and the Fusion Outside Lift will do the rest.

This lift works with both Class II and Class III hitches. As an available option, a Swing Away Arm is offered, which will swing the Fusion Outside Lift away from the vehicle. This allows you to access your trunk or tailgate, without having to take the lift off of your vehicle.

NOTE: Hitch Not Included. Additional options may be required for your specific use.

Lift Type
Scooter or Power Chair
Max Lifting Capacity
350 lb
Power Source
Vehicle Battery
Hitch Class
Max Hitch Height
Lift Weight
105 lb
Usable Platform Size
42" L x 27" W
Vertical Folding
Folding Method
Min Hitch Height
  • Accessories
    • Battery Pack   $415.00

    • Swing-Away Arm   $659.00

      Swing-Away Adapter
    • Regular Size HD Scooter Cover   $113.00

      Scooter Cover, Regular, HD - Duplicate
    • Regular Size HD Power Chair Cover   $113.00

      Power Chair Cover, Regular, HD - Duplicate
    • Large Size HD Power Chair Cover   $124.00

      Power Chair Cover, Large, HD - Duplicate
    • License Plate Riser required in: AK, AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, HI, ID, KS, MT, ND, NE, NV, OR, PA, SD, TX, UT, VA, WA, WY   $0.00

    • License Plate Riser   $222.00

    • License Plate Riser for 300HD   $243.00

  • Receiver Hitch
    • Class 2   $264.29

    • Class 3   $0.00

  • Receiver Hitch Adapter
    • Class 3   $0.00

    • Universal 2", 3", 5" Drop   $315.00

    • 6 " Drop   $265.00

    • 8 " Drop   $265.00

    • Other Hitch Adapter as Needed (specific will be determined from vehicle and unit information)   $229.00

  • Please tell us about your vehicle
    • Vehicle Make   $0.00

    • Vehicle Model   $0.00

    • Vehicle Year   $0.00

  • Please tell us about your mobility device
    • Make   $0.00

    • Model   $0.00

  • Installation
    • Nationwide Installation Service   $500.00

  • Warranty
    • Transferable Limited 3 Year Warranty   $0.00

  • Delivery
    • Liftgate Delivery (if not to a commercial location with a loading dock)   $125.00

Certified Customer
Save Your Back!!!!!!!
Aug 30, 2010 8:33 PM

A Little About Myself

A 55 year-old Male w/Cerebrial Palsey and, resent R/H Hip replacement.


Ease of install & overall use. Strapping down of your Scooter or Chair is so user friendly. Takes roughly 5 minutes to load & tie down, after which your red lights out of the parking lot, and in the Hammer lane.


What you talking about? There are none.

Service & Delivery

5-7 days from final order to your front door
Gonna buy one for the second car.
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