Adjustable Bed Linens

Our wide selection of linens are designed to function in unison with the motion of your adjustable bed. The sheets we offer will stay in place, the dust ruffles won't come off, and the comforters are made larger to give you full coverage in any position. Items with similar thread counts, such as 200 thread count sheets and 200 thread count comforters, are color matched as well. This means that you can design a bedroom that is both functional and great looking, all without worry.
  • Body Positioners

    Body Positioners

    Body positioners are essential for adjustable bed owners when they go out of town and help many others get in just the right position for a night of deep sleep.

  • Comforters

    ComfortersThese comforters have been designed to be bigger than standard comforters of the same size, ensuring that you have complete coverage even as your adjustable bed is in motion.
  • Mattress Pads

    Mattress PadsStandard mattress pads just don't work on adjustable bed mattresses, but these mattress pads have a fitted side that actually contours to the bed as it goes into motion.
  • Memory Foam Toppers

    Memory Foam ToppersMemory foam toppers are made of high-quality viscoelastic memory foam and are meant to be placed on top of your current bed. This can give your bed the great features you find in full memory foam mattresses at a much lower price.
  • Pillows

    PillowsA large line of pillow types are available to compliment your adjustable bed from hypo-allergenic polyester pillows to ultra-soft down and feather pillows to the ultimate pillow, a  contoured memory foam pillow.
  • Sheet Sets

    Sheet SetsThese sheets are made to better fit adjustable beds and won't come off as your bed moves. Each sheet set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillow cases.