Patient Lifts

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Need an affordable solution for transferring a patient or loved one into and out of chairs, beds, and wheelchairs? Prefer a powered model that will do the heavy work for you? US Medical Supplies offers patient lift solutions for every situation! Our selection includes pool lifts and air cushion lifts too! If you'd like assistance choosing the right lift for your needs, call our experts now at 1 (800) 251-8177!

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  • Manual Patient Lifts

    Starting @ $837.98

    These affordable, portable patient lifts operate via a hydraulic pump and require no wiring or power to use! Both chrome frames and painted frames are available, and we even carry a portable model for clinical settings or versatile in-home use.

  • Power Patient Lifts

    Starting @ $1,467.98

    We offer power patient lifts that operate on both household electrical current as well as batteries. Easy-to-use hand remotes let you raise and lower the patient as needed. Choose patient lifts from industry-leading manufacturers, including Handicare, Hoyer and Medline!

  • Stand Assist Patient Lifts

    Starting @ $2,702.98

    If you or a loved one has good upper body strength and still retains lower body mobility, stand assist lifts are a great solution for safely entering and exiting chairs. These lifts are also excellent buys for rehabilitation patients who will eventually regain their mobility, but need some help until they fully recover.

  • Pool Lifts

    Starting @ $1,187.00

    For safe entry and exit from your pool or spa, our pool lifts for mobility-impaired individuals are indispensable. These lifts are an excellent aid for both casual and athletic swimmers, as well as participants in hydrotherapy or water exercise rehabilitation programs!