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Deluxe Lightweight Transport Chair

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Deluxe Lightweight Transport Chair
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  • Blue
  • Blue - Side
  • Blue - Back
  • Blue - Folded Front
  • Blue - Folded Side
  • Red with Hand Brakes
  • Blue with Hand Brakes
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The Deluxe Lightweight Transport Chair from Nova use a lightweight aluminum frame and padded upholstery for ease of movement and improved comfort. Features include a foldable frame, a quick release fold-down back, padded detachable desk arms, lock rear wheels, and a hand brake option. Other features are the included removable aluminum footrests, non-skid footplates, heel loops, and seat belt.
Product Weight - Min23 lbs.
Seat Width - Min18.5"
Seat Width - Max18.5"
Seat Height - Min19.5"
Seat Height - Max19.5"
Weight Capacity300 lb
Back Height - Min18"
Back Height - Max18"
Frame TypeFolding
Ergonomic SeatNo
Adjustable Back AngleNo
Suggested HCPCS CodeE1038
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Shipping Weight
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Shipping Width
Shipping Height
  • Size

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  • Color

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      Nova 349 Blue
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      Nova 349 Red
  • Hand Brakes & Wheels

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      No Hand Brakes & 8" Rear Wheels
    • $29.00
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      Hand Brakes & 12" Rear Wheels
  • Accessories

    • $6.43
      Cup Holder for Rollators & Wheelchairs
      Cup Holder - Standard
    • $15.39
      Cup Holder for Rollator/Wheelchair
      Cup Holder - Folding
    • $21.98
      Nova Saddle Bag - Aloha Pink
      Saddle Bag - Aloha Pink
    • $21.98
      Nova Saddle Bag - Butterflies
      Saddle Bag - Butterflies
    • $21.98
      Nova Saddle Bag - Black
      Saddle Bag - Black
    • $21.98
      Nova Saddle Bag - Cats
      Saddle Bag - Cats
    • $21.98
      Nova Saddle Bag - Dogs
      Saddle Bag - Dogs
    • $21.98
      Nova Saddle Bag - Metropolitan
      Saddle Bag - Metropolitan
    • $18.47
      Aloha Blue Floral Walker Bag
      Seat Back Bag - Aloha Blue Floral
    • $27.70
      Travel Bag for Walkers/Transport Chairs
      Travel Bag
Wheelchair Measuring Diagram - Front
Wheelchair Measuring Diagram - Side


Seat Width: Measure the widest point of your body between the knees and hips. Add at least one inch- to this measurement for some extra breathing room. If you typically wear bulky or heavy clothing, such as during outdoor use in winter, you may wish to add two inches to this measurement to give yourself adequate room to move.


Back Height: This measurement will determine the distance from the seat base to the top of the wheelchair's seat back. Typically, you'll want to measure from the most posterior point of your body to the center point between your shoulder blades. Some users may prefer a higher back for added support, but remember that the higher the back of the chair is, the less room you'll have to rotate your upper body while seated.


Front Seat to Floor: Measure your leg from the back of your knee to the sole of your foot. Unless you are choosing a foot-propelled wheelchair, you will want to add two inches to this measurement to give yourself plenty of clearance for a footrest.


Camber: This is the term for the angle of the wheels in relation to the vertical plane of the wheelchair.  A typical wheelchair has a 3-degree positive camber; sports models tend to have greater positive camber to allow for more user agility during athletic activity. If you are unsure how much camber you require, please call out wheelchair specialists at 1 (800) 251-7250 for assistance before you place your order.


Seat Depth: Measure from the most posterior point of your body to the interior of your knee, deducting two inches from the total. You may require a greater amount of leg overhang to lift your legs during use; if so, consult your rehabilitation professional for guidance on adjusting your measurements accordingly, or speak with one of our manual wheelchair specialists by dialing 1 (800) 251-7250 to get the right fit.


Rear Seat to Floor: This is the distance from the ground to the rear edge of the wheelchair's seat. Comparing this measurement to the front-seat-to-floor measurement will give you an idea of the wheelchair's rearward slope - sometimes referred to as the "dump" or "squeeze". Your individual physical needs and capabilities will affect how steep you wish the rearward slope of the chair to be.


Hanger Angle: This measurement specifies how far your toes will extend from your body when seated, and is measured horizontally. The tighter your hanger angle, the less space you'll need to turn your wheelchair around. The flexibility of your legs and knees may also impact the hanger angle you will want to choose. Most wheelchairs have a hanger angle of about 70 degrees, and the farthest hanger angle available on any wheelchair is 60 degrees. Pediatric chairs have a hanger angle of 90 degrees to accommodate the shorter leg length of child users. A hanger angle is difficult for a wheelchair user to measure on their own, so we highly recommend calling one of our manual wheelchair experts at 1 (800) 251-7250 to help you find a chair with the optimal hanger angle for your needs.

Product Reviews
1 review 
Certified Customer
Nova Transport Chair w/12" rear wheels and hand brakes
Feb 9, 2016 10:33 AM
A Little About Myself
see name above
Chair is slightly wider in seat for better comfort, hand brakes give my Mo-in-law more peace of mind as she can feel frightened when we are taken her down any angle of decline. Large rear wheels much easier to navigate uneven sidewalk and when easing up a small step to enter doorway not handicap accessible.
just a little heavier than old chair but the pros outweigh this slight inconvenience
Service & Delivery
see above comments
Nova shipped wrong chair to her at first and it took 2 weeks to get the problem resolved as USMed. was relying on Nova to correct and Nova was not very responsive. After speaking with 4 people on 4 different occasions, I spoke with Sean at USM and he made things happen as they should have the first time I phoned. He emailed me an RMA and as soon as I notified him that the FedEx return pickup was scheduled he alerted the Nova distribution center to build and ship the correct chair. My Mother in law received it within 3 days of the incorrect one being picked back up at her residence.
US Medical Supplies replies:
We apologize for Nova shipping the wrong chair, but glad it worked out in the end. We are looking into making sure this doesn't happen again.
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