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A man recovering from surgery works with his physical therapist. How could a lift chair help him?

For patients who have recently undergone surgery, lift chair recliners can be very helpful mobility aids. Post-surgery soreness and discomfort can make basic mobility difficult.  A lift chair is a practical and affordable tool that can make the recovery process easier for both the patient and the caregiver.

In particular, an infinite position or Zero Gravity lifting chair may be recommended by the doctor to promote proper spinal alignment, improve blood circulation, and increase lung capacity. This is typically accomplished by orienting the chair in what is known as the Trendelenberg position, in which the feet and legs are elevated above the heart.

A lift chair can also help patients get a goodnight’s sleep.  Following a major operation, many people experience difficulty in finding a comfortable sleep position that actually allows them to receive the restorative rest they need to make a quick and full recovery.  A lift chair can be adjusted to optimize comfort and reduce pain, allowing for deep, quality sleep without tossing and turning.

While many people attempt to find a rental lift chair, we advise against this idea. Rental lift chairs are hard to find and can be extremely unsanitary. Purchasing a lift chair can be very close to the cost of renting one, and you have the option of selling the lift chair later to recoup some of the cost.

For an easier and more comfortable recovery, choose a lift chair that best suits your individual needs.  Our mobility experts are standing by to assist you in selecting the best electric recliner, so call us today at 1 (800) 790-5104.



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