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USM offers vertical platform lift solutions for nearly any situation, whether for use in your own home or in a business or other public place. Take a few minutes to browse our vertical platform lift guide and find answers to some of the most common questions asked by our customers. Need more information that isn't covered here? Our vertical lift specialists can answer all your questions - call  1 (800) 790-4792 now for more details!


Platform Lift Priorities: Height

Height is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a vertical lift. Think about the area or areas in and around your home or business that present height obstructions.

Platform Lift Priorities: Function

Do your needs require a residential or commercial model, or would a portable lift be a better option? Learn more about the difference between residential and commercial use vertical platform lifts on this page!

Platform Lift Priorities: Code

USM works closely with residential customers, contractors, and business owners to ensure that their vertical wheelchair lift installations will comply with federal, state, and local codes governing accessibility solutions and building modifications.

Platform Lift Priorities: Safety

Every vertical platform lift we sell is designed with user safety as a foremost concern. Learn more about product testing standards and available safety features for our VPLs in this section.

Platform Lift Priorities: Warranty

USM understands your concerns about warranty coverage, and we want you to know what protection you have against defects before you buy. Learn more about our vertical lifts' warranties here.

We Accept the Following Forms of Payment: