Vertical Lift Parts

electric drive: A motor powered by either AC or DC current which operates the worm gear mechanism that raises or lowers the lift platform. Electric drives used in vertical platform lifts are designed to operate as smoothly and quietly as possible.

side-mounted assist bar: This grab rail is attached to the deck and provides the platform lift user with a sturdy handhold during motion.

non-skid deck: The main platform of a vertical lift, which is covered with slip-resistant surfacing such as raised metal or rubber strips to create extra friction and ensure a safe ride for wheelchair and scooter users.

manual crank: A rotating lever, usually found near the top of the vertical lift, which can be used to raise or lower the platform lift by hand in the event of power loss to the lift unit.

control pads: Buttons mounted to the lift apparatus which, when pushed, make the lift move vertically up or down. Control pads for a vertical lift are constant-pressure, meaning that the lift only moves while the button is depressed; if the user removes his or her finger, the lift stops.

lock-out emergency stop: A single-button safety mechanism which is installed on most vertical platform lifts. In the event of a mechanical malfunction which may cause personal injury or structural damage, the lift user can depress the emergency stop button and instantly kill all power to the vertical lift.

folding toe plate: A rectangular section of metal which attaches to the platform deck and folds down like a ramp to allow wheelchairs and scooters to easily drive aboard the deck. The toe plate then folds up automatically as the lift travels upwards.

worm gear drive (or acme screw drive): A gear arrangement used to make vertical platform lifts raise and lower. The threads of the worm, or screw, fit into the grooves of a gear; as the gear is rotated, the screw moves, creating locomotion. A good example of a worm gear is the tuning mechanism used on a stringed instrument such as a guitar or violin; as the tuning peg is rotated, the complementary gear to which the string is attached tightens or loosens, causing a shift in pitch. Worm gear-driven vertical lifts operate on the exact same mechanical principle.


Obtaining Maintenance Service

All new AmeriGlide Atlas and AmeriGlide Hercules vertical platform lifts come with a 2-year parts warranty. If you experience a parts malfunction while using your vertical lift, call 1 (800) 790-1635 to contact AmeriGlide directly regarding a warranty claim. AmeriGlide can also provide you with a list of certified technicians in your area who can perform repairs and maintenance on your platform lift.


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