Stair Lift Parts

aluminum track: A length of grooved metal which is factory-cut to your specific needs. This track is what the stair chair moves along to transfer the user. Taking precise measurements is a crucial step in stair lift purchase and installation. US Medical Supplies has published a guide on how to properly measure your stairs for a stairlift track.

handheld controller: Stair lifts are usually equipped with either a corded handheld controller or a series of switches built directly into the armrest of the chair lift which are used to operate the lift. These controllers are constant pressure controls (see below for more).

call/send controls: A wall-mounted panel that allows you to summon the stair lift with a push of a button. This is most useful if the stair lift is to be used by two individuals; for example, if the first person used the lift to descend and then left the home, the second person could then use the call-send controls to bring the stair lift back to the top of the staircase for their own use.

constant pressure controls: These switches are used to direct the stair lift to move up or down along the track. The stair lift does not respond unless the button is depressed; if you let go of the switch, the stair lift ceases to move.

limit switches: These safety sensors are located at both ends of the stair lift track, and interrupt power to the stair lift to prevent the chair unit from derailing itself.

footrest safety sensors: Devices which interrupt power to the stair lift if the footplate comes in contact with any object or obstruction as the stair lift travels on the track. This is a safety feature designed to prevent injury to the user as well as damage or injury to household objects or pets which may block the lift's path.

swivel seat (with safety switch): This seat rotates outward to allow for simple transfer to or from a mobility aid such as a wheelchair or scooter. The safety switch ensures that the chair is locked in a safe traveling position facing away from the wall prior to operation; if the chair is not in proper position, the lift will not draw power.

safety belt: The stairlift's chair is equipped with a safety belt to keep the user in place during transit. This is especially important for users who have severely limited mobility, to prevent injury or death resulting from an accidental fall.


Obtaining Maintenance Service

Most stair lift owners will never need to perform any maintenance on their stairlifts beyond lubricating the track every three months (and perhaps replacing a battery on a DC-powered stair lift). The gearbox is completely sealed to prevent leakage, and it is not necessary to add oil to the gearbox.


AmeriGlide backs up their stairlifts with a 5-year drive train and 2-year parts warranty If your stair lift presents difficulties or malfunctions, contact the manufacturer for assistance.

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